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February 27, 2016

Cannabis News Weekly Recap

Stories of the week:
National marijuana group backs Newsom-Parker legalization bid in California
Connecticut Legislative Committee Adds Six Conditions For Medical Marijuana
Medical marijuana patients can grow own cannabis, judge rules
4 arrests after protestors smoked cannabis

February 19, 2016


Stories mentioned:
Australia set to legalize cultivation of medical cannabis –
Cannabis returned unusable, says accused in medical marijuana raid –
Mass. patients allotted more medical marijuana –
Oregon House spends hours reading aloud marijuana bill before vote –

February 6, 2016

2 week recap!

Stories mentioned:
Marijuana advocates win free speech lawsuit against Iowa State University –
The Booming Marijuana Industry Is Still Too White –
VA under pressure to embrace medical marijuana –
Deputies accuse sheriff of demanding confiscated pot for ‘sick aunt’ –
See Inside the Himalayan Villages That Grow Cannabis –
Sacramento passes new medical marijuana cultivation ordinance –
Top 6 industries fighting legal marijuana –
Gov. Brown Announces First-Ever California Medical Marijuana Bureau Chief — A Republican –