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January 22, 2016

CANNABIS RELIEVES MIGRAINES?! | news nug recap | CoralReefer & DizzyOG

Stories mentioned:
Latin America’s biggest medical cannabis farm sprouts in Chile –
New Study Confirms That Cannabis Can Help Migraine Sufferers –
Cliff Robinson starting ‘Uncle Spliffy’ to sell marijuana –
Kansas Supreme Court strikes down Wichita marijuana initiative –

January 18, 2016

Weedy weddings are a thing?!

Stories mentioned:
Seattle shrinks buffer zones around marijuana businesses –
Medical cannabis set to hit Israel pharmacy shelves –
Kansas holds children of Colorado veteran who uses medical marijuana –
Weedy Weddings are a Thing –

January 9, 2016


4 Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Slated To Open This Month in New York

Police Using Social Media For Marijuana Stings

Arizona Requires No Cannabis Testing for Pesticides

Vermont’s governor wants to legalize marijuana.