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August 29, 2015

Are Indica & Sativa the same thing??

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Judge rejects Santa Ana officers’ attempt to block hidden camera video in pot-shop raid investigation –

Government issues damning response to 200,000-signature cannabis legalization petition –

The National Cancer Institute Updates FAQ Page: ‘Cannabis Kills Cancer’ –

Cannabis Study: Indica And Sativa Are Basically The Same Thing At This Point –

August 22, 2015

Oakland blocked from protecting largest dispensary: NEWS NUG recap

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Ohio’s marijuana legalization ballot measure, explained –
These could be the next states to legalize marijuana –
Oakland blocked from suing to keep Harborside pot dispensary open –
PTSD sufferers sue Colorado over marijuana decision –

August 14, 2015

Texas cops strip search woman in public

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Santa Ana Councilman Peddling Himself as a Pot Shop Consultant –

Drug War Prisoner Jeff Mizanskey Will Be Free Soon!! –

In Texas, police search woman’s vagina for marijuana –

Oregon newspaper is looking for a cannabis critic –