VIDEO: Election Day Recap for Cannabis

Oregon: Failed

Arkansas: Failed
Massachusetts: MEDICAL ACCESS!
Montana: Medical restrictions

Detroit, MI: Decriminalized!
Flint, MI: Decriminalized!
Ypsilanti, MI: Lowest Priority!
Grand Rapids, MI: Decriminalized!
Kalamazoo, MI: Decriminalized!
Burlington, VT: Decriminalized!

Darby Beck of LEAP put together a list to watch during election night, which I found on I compiled results after the election independently.


3 Comments to “VIDEO: Election Day Recap for Cannabis”

  1. hello, great report as always!
    the first videos i saw were from what looked like a closet, that was fun & more than adequate, nonetheless the new set with cool tapestry is nice, but the audio & lighting are not as intimate or complimentary, sound dampening or perhaps a lavalier microphone?
    anyways, my other question which i’ve been thinking about for a couple weeks since i first saw your reports coral, is what are you lighting your bowl with? please excuse my ignorance, but i don’t get out much & have been thinking awhile about alternatives for the lighter…
    thanks & keep up the good work!

  2. More progress has been made since this list was posted. We need an updated list. Won’t it be nice some day when we DON’T need a list, because it’s legal everywhere?

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