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October 18, 2012

Electing Mary Jane: featuring Clint Werner

Clint Werner wrote Marijuana Gateway to Health, and he was one of four authors asked by David Downs to speak at Oaksterdam’s panel: Electing Mary Jane.

The books featured can be found on amazon, and at:

October 15, 2012

Electing Mary Jane: 4 Author Panel at Oaksterdam University

Electing Mary Jane: a 4 author panel at @Oaksterdam University

Authors from Left -> Right

Doug Fine: Too High To Fail

Clint Werner: Marijuana Gateway to Health

Martin Lee: Smoke Signals

Paul Armentano: Marijuana is Safer


October 13, 2012

San Francisco Greets President Obama

President Barack Obama was in San Francisco Monday evening, October 8th. The commander-in-chief was met by many of his supporters, a few Mitt Romney fans, and also a handful of cannabis advocates that meant to make our message heard in these weeks before the election.

4 years ago many in the cannabis community thought a vote for Barack Obama was the right choice, and it seemed that the message of the vocal cannabis advocates I stood with was “why has President Obama betrayed us?”

Please enjoy the pictures at of this Rally for Safe Access.


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