Seeking Effects Similar to Cannabis People Find Dangerous Alternatives



Spice, K2, and synthetic cannabis by any name is dangerous to the cannabis legalization effort. The United States government has waged war on the cannabis plant for over 40 years; a period of prohibition that forces citizens to associate cannabis with many other much more dangerous drugs. While cannabis has yet to kill a human being in all of history, we have seen epidemics of cocaine, crack, heroin, meth, ecstasy and pharmaceutical drugs destroy our country and be used by those building arguments against cannabis legalization.

As more research is done regarding cannabis as an all natural healer and component in well-being, those who do not have safe access to the plant will seek something they think to be similar. Synthetic cannabis is sold under many names, with some of the ingredients now illegal in over 40 states. K2, Spice, “herbal smoking blends,” are herbs often sprayed with laboratory created synthetic cannabinoids, chemical compounds that may cause effects unlike cannabis use. While patients and partygoers are seeking the soothing beneficial results of cannabis, they are greeted with a surprise blend of chemicals in each distribution. Professor John W. Huffman, who first synthesised many of the cannabinoids used in synthetic cannabis, is quoted as saying,

“People who use it are idiots. You don’t know what it’s going to do to you.”

The real thing however, has been smoked, cooked with, vaporized, cultivated and used for thousands of years with zero associated deaths. It has an untapped bounty of medical and therapeutic uses, yet the United States government stands firmly by listing cannabis as a level 1 controlled substance. By their definition cannabis has no medical use and a high risk of abuse, defying the laws in 16 states currently recognizing medical use. Without acknowledgment from the Federal government that cannabis is a unique and safe substance, people will continue to try what they have been told is similar, the drugs also listed as controlled substances, or those marketed as legal versions of cannabis. People will continue to be placed in harms way.

I believe that with the legalization of cannabis, and full efforts to find safe access for all who need, there would be much less need for possibly harmful experimental drugs. Cannabis is a safe substance, and an all natural plant. Human beings are born with cannabinoid receptors, denying our bodies regulation cannot be remedied with any other substance.

I gathered information from a number of sources on the internet, primarily Wikipedia’s pages for the War on Drugs, Synthetic Cannabis, Cannabinoid Receptors, and the Endocannabinoid System. I also found this article by MSNBC relevant, as well as Huffington Post’s piece regarding Spice use by United States military.


4 Responses to “Seeking Effects Similar to Cannabis People Find Dangerous Alternatives”

  1. Nice synopsis of the state of cannabis for January 2, 2012. It will be an uphill battle during the presidential election year of 2012. No politician wants to be slammed for being ‘soft on drugs’ during the primary season, or worse, during the general election. 2012 will be a year of consolidation and clarification. Funding will be critical in 2012, as medical marijuana initiatives across the USA vie for much needed funding to secure political toe-holds in 2013, in time for the more conducive mid-term elections of 2014. If Pres O’bama is re-elected in Nov of 2012, then there is a slight chance that he may spear-head an effort for comprehensive ‘drug reform’ legislation at the Federal level. If he looses to a Republican, however, the country will be sent into another tail-spin of (8) years of retro-grade motion as we experienced during the Bush years. And, who wants more of that?

  2. Brilliant effort on your part to eduquate people. well done coral !


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