August 7, 2015

COPS SHOOT TEEN IN THE BACK: Weekly News Nug recap

Stories mentioned:

Australia may legalize medical marijuana in August –

3 more English police forces effectively decriminalize cannabis & a petition to legalize it in the UK gains support –

The DEA’s new boss says heroin is probably more dangerous than marijuana –

D.A.R.E. Published an Op-ed Calling for Marijuana Legalization –

Study: Teen Marijuana Use Has No Link To Mental Health Problems –

New DEA Chief: ‘Heroin Is Clearly More Dangerous Than Marijuana’ –

Cop Fatally Shot Teen In Back, Not In Self-Defense, Family Says –


July 25, 2015

Links to every story mentioned:
3 Ways Medical Marijuana May Help Pets –…/medical-marij…/2015/07/20/id/658087
California Governor Signed Medical Marijuana Organ Transplant Bill –
Scent of Marijuana Alone Not Enough for Search Warrant, Arizona Appeals Court Rules –
Texas Officials Really, Really Want You To Know Sandra Bland Had Marijuana In Her System –

July 18, 2015

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Marijuana may be helping to overcome painkiller abuse in America
Marijuana supporters unveil plans for California ballot initiative
Pot for PTSD? Colorado reconsiders medical marijuana rule
Marijuana helps mend broken bones


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