August 31, 2013

NEWS NUG: 8 new guidelines regarding cannabis from Eric Holder

January 8, 2013

2 Women Sexually Harassed by TX Trooper of Suspicion of Cannabis

The women are suing over the harassment, and also failures to act on complaints of violating public searches.

Read Russ Belville’s write up here:

Read the UK Daily Mail’s write up here:

November 7, 2012

VIDEO: Election Day Recap for Cannabis

Oregon: Failed

Arkansas: Failed
Massachusetts: MEDICAL ACCESS!
Montana: Medical restrictions

Detroit, MI: Decriminalized!
Flint, MI: Decriminalized!
Ypsilanti, MI: Lowest Priority!
Grand Rapids, MI: Decriminalized!
Kalamazoo, MI: Decriminalized!
Burlington, VT: Decriminalized!

Darby Beck of LEAP put together a list to watch during election night, which I found on I compiled results after the election independently.


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